Steps to Mozilla Firefox Update Download in Windows

Steps to Mozilla Firefox Update Download in Windows

Mozilla updates Firefox browser significantly, pushing down security fixes and advanced features for all of its users. So, it’s in your interest to be sure that Mozilla Firefox is ready to install these changes.

If you have not confirmed that Firefox is updated or installed with the latest version, you can edit it in the browser itself, and the steps are given below to update it manually. You can move to updating Mozilla Firefox one by one by going to Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Number.

How to Make Able Automatic Updates in Firefox?

The few steps are mentioned below to apply for the system in Windows 7, Windows 10 and Apple OS X.

  • Go to the menu button to click at the top right corner
  • Move to options, and it’s given as preferences on OS X
  • Next press at Advanced option
  • Now, click Update
  • Switch on or choose auto-install Updates
  • Click at the next box with ‘Use a background service to install updates’. This option is not available in Firefox on OS X.
  • Finally, Firefox is set to update automatically.

How to Check the Latest Version and Manually Update Firefox?

You have to confirm that you have installed the latest Firefox version and verify and update it manually. Here, you can see the steps to update Windows 10 and Windows 7 and OS manually.

  • Go to click the menu button at the top right corner
  • Move to click the Help button
  • Choose About Firefox
  • Next, move to click at Check for Updates
  • Now, move to click at Update
  • Now, click at Restart Firefox to Update
  • Next, you have manually updated Firefox.

If you have any problems with the given steps to follow, you can take the help of a technical executive by calling Mozilla Firefox Support Number. You can go at any time on 24/7 to update Mozilla Firefox. The proper solution is provided on-call one by one. Mozilla Firefox is one of the efficient browsers used by various numbers of people around the world.

The technical executive will help you with any issue in detail. It is always necessary to update the browser with the latest version on time. You can edit the Mozilla Firefox browser with a new version by downloading it with the steps mentioned above. There are various versions available in the other browser market, but Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular ones and runs smoothly to open any websites.