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SBCGlobal Support Number

SBCGlobal derives its name from the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, which is a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. Southwestern Bell Corporation is popularly known as one of the seven “Baby Bell” companies that were created after AT&T split its local network phone services. The company is one of the leading providers of telephone and internet services in the United States. Users who have SBCGlobal email addresses normally use the domain name “” SBC Communications distributed these email addresses. Many people use SBCGlobal email because it is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Apart from its user interface, SBCGlobal email service is popular because of the customer service and tech support available to users through the SBCGlobal customer support number. When you encounter any error on your SBCGlobal email account, you can call the helpline number and speak to a certified professional to get the best solution for that problem.

Issues with SBCGlobal Email

People use their SBCGlobal email accounts to stay in touch with their family and friends and to communicate with their business associates. Since people often share important private data through email, it is understandable that users get annoyed when the email service does not work. You can imagine how frustrating it must be when you have to send out an urgent email to your colleagues about an important business meeting, but your SBCGlobal email account just does not open. Here are some of the most common SBCGlobal email errors users are likely to face:

  • Cannot load new email on your SBCGlobal account
  • Invalid SBCGlobal username or email password
  • Could not download SBCGlobal email attachments
  • Recurring spam emails on your SBCGlobal account
  • An error message is indicating ‘SBCGlobal Email Account Locked.’
  • Cannot view sent emails on your SBCGlobal email account
  • SBCGlobal email contacts disappeared or are deleted
  • User cannot remember SBCGlobal email password
  • Unable to implement two-step verification on SBCGlobal
  • Incapable of sending or receiving new emails through SBCGlobal mail

Even though these errors can disrupt your work and halt communication, you do not need to worry. You can call the SBCGlobal customer care number and consult a trained customer service representative to get a quick solution to fix the issue. Whether it is a simple case of a missing email or if it is a more serious security breach on your SBCGlobal email account, a team of experts will guide you to find the root cause of the error so that you can implement the correct solution and fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Question

This is the most basic question asked by many SBCGlobal mail users at one point or another. Email login problems occur because of network or settings issues related to your SBCGlobal account. You can use any of the troubleshooting steps mentioned below to most SBCGlobal email login problems:

  • Step 1: Reset the SBCGlobal password and log in to your account once again
  • Step 2: Modify the firewall and antivirus settings to allow SBCGlobal to run
  • Step 3: Be sure to use the correct SBCGlobal email server settings
  • Step 4: Reboot your computer and try using a different internet browser

In case you still cannot log in to your email account you can call the SBCGlobal customer service number and ask for additional help. Login errors could indicate that your account is compromised; hence, if the errors occur often, you should seek expert advice as soon as possible.

Security experts suggest changing your email password once every six months. This is done to boost security on your SBCGlobal account and to keep your data secure. You can follow the process mentioned below to reset your SBC mail password:

  • Step 1: Open your browser and go to the SBCGlobal email sign in page
  • Step 2: Enter your email id along with the current password and login
  • Step 3: Open the email settings and choose the option to edit your password
  • Step 4: Type your current SBCGlobal email password in the given field
  • Step 5: Enter a new password for your email account in the field provided
  • Step 6: Re-type the password in subsequent filed and press ‘Ok’ to save

This method only works if you remember your current SBCGlobal mail password. However, even if you do not remember your password you can call the SBCGlobal tech support number and find out how to recover your password through an alternate process. If you do not remember your password, you will have to verify your identity before you can make any changes to your account.

One of the best things about having an SBCGlobal email account is that you can configure it to your iPhone in order to access your email while on the go. You can refer to the steps given below and use the SMTP and POP server settings to setup SBCGlobal on an iPhone

  • Go to iPhone settings and click ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendar.’
  • Tap the ‘Accounts’ section and select the option to add a new account
  • Click ‘Add Mail Account’ and enter your name and SBCGlobal email ID
  • Enter your email password and add an appropriate description for the account
  • Press the ‘POP’ option and enter “” as the hostname (IMAP)
  • Similarly, you can enter “” for the SMTP server

It is important to enter the correct server settings and port numbers while configuring your account; otherwise, you will not be able to access SBCGlobal mail. If you need any additional assistance when it comes to setting up your account you can always call the SBCGlobal email customer support and ask for help.

Even if you are new to SBCGlobal mail and if you are struggling to resolve email and login errors related to your account you do not have to worry. Here are a couple of reasons why SBCGlobal email support can help you:

  • A team of experts is available round the clock to provide expert assistance
  • You will receive solutions that are easy to understand and implement
  • Trained professionals will give you a step-by-step guide to each problem
  • You can get helpful suggestions and tips to improve security on your SBCGlobal account

So the next time you face a problem with your SBCGlobal email account remember that the solution is just one phone call away. The SBCGlobal customer support number is the one place you can be sure to receive 100% reliable email solutions.