I can’t set Firefox as my Windows 10 default browser
set firefox as my windows 10 default browser

I can’t set Firefox as my Windows 10 default browser

The fusion of Old and New is New Gold, and if in case the updated version of  Windows 10 is not able to fix Firefox as their default browser can create a problem for their users. Firefox users commonly face the problem and report that they  Can’t set Firefox as Windows 10 default browser.

Don’t put your spirits low because this blog reads all causes and quick tweaks to solve this problem within the blink of an eye.

The root of error when the user is not able to set Firefox as Windows 10 default browser

  • Inappropriate Firefox Installation

This error is confirmed when the incomplete or corrupted installation of the operating system is declining the “set as default “request. This type of problem is often observed when the user has removed any malware infecting the Firefox configuration.

  • Inferred update of Windows with Firefox

Microsoft and Firefox are facing errors in setting Firefox as the default browser for Windows 10. In this kind of situation, it is advisable to reinstall the browser to eliminate the error.

Steps to troubleshoot the default browser setting error in Windows 10

Key 1: Reinstall Firefox

  1. Reinstallation of the browser with the appropriate settings and the latest version will give the browser’s smooth function.
  2. Here are quick steps to reinstall Firefox
  • To open the “Run” dialogue box, press “Window Key +R”. Then type “appwiz.cpl” with “Enter” to open “Program and features Screen”.
  • Navigate the “Program and Features” screen and press on “firefox “to uninstall it.
  • Follow the on-screen prompt to initiate successful processing.
  • Then restart the computer and again install the browser with precision.
  • After installation, accept UAC and follow the on-screen prompt for the smooth functioning of the browser.
  • The interface will pop up with a dialogue box to set “Firefox as the default browser.”

Follow this step after changing all default settings of Apps to make those compatible with the Firefox browser.

Key 2: Switch the Default browser from Default Apps

  1. Open the “run” dialogue box and type “ms-settings: default apps” with the “enter” key to open the “Default App” menu.
  2. Select Firefox as a default browser for all the apps from the Default App, Web Browser section.
  3. Once Firefox is set as default, restart the computer

Key 3: Use classic Control Panel Menu

  1. Open the “Run” dialogue box following the opening of the Control Panel Interface.
  2. Use the Control Panel Interface’s top right corner to search for the “ Default Programs” and then click on the same.
  3. Nextly, click on “Set your Default program” and now select “Firefox” as default software.
  4. Restart the computer to check for successful changes.

Suppose you need additional assistance in implementing the solutions mentioned above or find that the error is not going away. In that case, you can call the Mozilla Firefox customer service number and ask for help. Since the solutions to fix the error may require advanced technical knowledge, you should probably consult an expert to ensure you do everything in order. Mozilla Firefox Experts and software technicians are available 24 hours a day to help you troubleshoot any error related to your Firefox browser.

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