How to Troubleshoot Print Web Pages in Mozilla Firefox

How to Troubleshoot Print Web Pages in Mozilla Firefox

Many of the printer issues are caused by improperly configured printer setting, faulty system files, etc. Still, people look for ways for troubleshooting printer problems even when the printer is not to be blamed. For instance, Mozilla Firefox has its codes and settings to respond to the print command from its users. The inability to print a web page in Mozilla Firefox may be caused due to the browser settings not matching the printing requirements. You can go through this blog to resolve the error or can call Mozilla Firefox support number to take their help.

Steps to Fix Print Web Pages in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Check the Firefox page settings

If a web page prints incorrectly in Firefox then:

  • Click the menu button > Print and then print preview window will appear.
  • From the print preview window, check Scale is set to Shrink to Fit.
  • Even see that the Portrait orientation is set.
  • Click on the option of Page Setup to open the page setup window.
  • In the Page Setup window, click on the Margins & Header/Footer tab to make sure that the page margins are set correctly.
  • Click OK to exit from the Page Setup window and then return to the Print Preview window.
  • Now in the Print Preview window, click the Print option and then select the printer for printing the page.
  1. Check other browsers and printers

You can see whether this error is with Mozilla Firefox or your printer or the website you’re visiting:

  • Check to see whether the webpage prints correctly in another browser.
  • Make sure there is no problem with your printer and for that print any word document
  • If there is a problem with the page, then contact the website administrator.
  1. Reset Firefox printer setting

Several printer issues can be solved by resetting the Mozilla Firefox’s printer settings:

  • Type about: config in the address barand press Enter.
  • A warning page will appear you need to click Accept the Risk and Continue to continue to the about:config page.
  • In the Search field, you have to type print_printer.
  • Click on the Delete button present to the right of the print_printer preference.
  • Click the Firefox menu and then select the Exit option.

If you cannot perform the troubleshooting steps with perfection, then you don’t have to worry as you can get in touch with the experts via Mozilla Firefox helpline number. The support team is available at all 24 hours so that Firefox users can reach out to them at any given point and can take their assistance for solving the problem faces by you. The experts will make sure that they solve your query promptly so that your task does not get hampered.

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