How to Set Mozilla Firefox As Default Browser

How to Set Mozilla Firefox As Default Browser

When you update your device with Windows System 8 or Windows System 10, then the browser will merge itself with Microsoft Edge as Firefox. You can’t use Mozilla Firefox as a default browser.

Here, you will get information about how to download and set Mozilla Firefox as Default Browser. You can contact Mozilla firefox customer service to set up Mozilla Firefox as Default Browser. Get all the necessary steps to download and install Mozilla Firefox as your default browser for the system.

What Are The Steps to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox?

  • In case you require to update your browser Mozilla from previous to the latest version, you need to check about the system requirements to download and install it.
  • Go to navigate Mozilla Firefox downloading page in any browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
  • Press the button Download Now. The Firefox Installer will offer you the latest version to download and install at your device.
  • If you are still using a Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, a notification will appear at the below page with an option to open or run Firefox Installer file.
  • Press on the Microsoft Edge at Open File or Run option on the Internet Explorer to your computer screen and open the file you have downloaded. If you see an option Open File – Security Warning, then press at the option Open or Run to explore the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • The User Account Control box may open to ask about Mozilla Firefox Installer to make changes at your computer. If the dialogue box appears, then press at the Yes option to start the installation procedure.
  • Just wait for Firefox to finish the installation process on your
  • When the installation process is completed, then the Firefox page will appear at your computer screen to start the work.
  • If you have already downloaded, you have to click on the Refresh button to open a new version installed.

What Are The Procedures To Make Mozilla Your Default Browser?

If you have installed or already installed another browser on your system, then Mozilla Firefox is your default browser and makes you click on any link that directs you to the Mozilla Firefox browser page. Below are the few steps given to make Mozilla Firefox as your default browser at your device.

  • Press the Menu button and choose the Options icon
  • Go to the General panel and press the Make Default mentioned at the right-hand side of the panel
  • The Windows Settings App will appear to choose the Default Apps screen
  • Scroll down and click at the Mozilla browser as your default browser option
  • Now Mozilla Firefox will become your default browser.
  • Next, close the Windows Settings app to save the changes after listing Firefox your default browser.

When you follow all these steps carefully, you will get Mozilla as your default browser other than any installed browser. If you encounter any problem in following these steps, then you can call Mozilla helpline Number to create Mozilla as your default browser.