How to Remove Yandex Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

How to Remove Yandex Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

Yandex toolbar is one of the browser extensions made by a Russian developer where you can receive email notifications, browse or open any links, etc. The Russian developer is enjoying  60% of the total market share within the country. Yandex toolbar vendor makes the Internet users to browse data more convenient and faster than any other browser. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera are the toolbar victims because Yandex can be installed without user consent.

It is a free toolbar, but many think that it’s malicious software installed without users participation. If you also have the same review for Yandex, then it is better to uninstall it from Mozilla Firefox. There are few steps by which you can uninstall Yandex toolbar from your Mozilla Firefox browser. If you don’t want to follow a lengthy process, you must dial Mozilla Firefox Support Number, and you will get an accurate solution on-call to delete the Yandex toolbar from Mozilla.

How is Yandex Toolbar Installed In Your System?

Various users install the freeware program without removing the tick from the option ‘Install Yandex Toolbar’ in your Mozilla browser. With freeware, they have installed other programs that may act as a malicious program for their computer. Remove or untick that mark from the option ‘Install Yandex Toolbar’ while installing freeware.

It is recommended that when a user downloads a freeware program, then unnecessary programs are installed together with it because developers added some other programs with freeware to monetize free programs. So, never use an unknown program because it can harm your PC or official system.

How to Remove a Yandex Toolbar From Your Computer?

If you wish to keep your computer divested from the Yandex toolbar, you have to follow a few steps. Various procedures are given below to eliminate the Yandex toolbar from Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Windows, etc. Please follow the given steps carefully, because if you miss something out of it, the Yandex toolbar will not be deleted.  The only way to remove this toolbar from your PC is to delete it. No procedure is available to uninstall this toolbar from your browsers.

  1. Windows XP
  • Press at ‘Start’ button
  • Next move to ‘Control Panel.’
  • Then, click at ‘Add’ or Remove Programs’
  • Search ‘Yandex Toolbar’
  • Click at ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Delete’ option to remove it.


  1. Windows 7/ Windows Vista
  • Press at ‘Start’ button
  • Next, click at the ‘Control Panel’ option
  • Press ‘Uninstall A Program’
  • Search ‘Yandex Toolbar’
  • Then, click at ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Delete’ option to remove it permanently.


  1. Windows 8/Windows 8.1
  • Just open the Menu option
  • Press at Search option
  • After that click on Apps
  • Then, press at Control Panel
  • Then, in Windows 7, press at Uninstall A Program under Programs
  • Search Yandex Toolbar, choose it and press the Uninstall
  1. Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome browser
  • Type chrome://extensions/
  • Search Yandex Toolbar
  • Now, press at the Trash option to remove it
  • Also, go to search for other suspicious extensions.
  1. Mozilla Firefox
  • Open Firefox browser
  • Enter about:addons
  • Move to extensions
  • Choose Yandex Toolbar option
  • Click at Disable or Remove option
  • If the remove option is not there, then look for the Trash

Suppose the above methods are unable to remove Yandex toolbar from Mozilla Firefox permanently. In that case, you must dial Mozilla Firefox Helpline Number to get the instant assistance for removing Yandex toolbar from your system.