How to Fix Secure Connection Error in Mozilla Firefox

How to Fix Secure Connection Error in Mozilla Firefox

Secure Connection Error in a Mozilla Firefox is a typical problem for Firefox users. It also happened with Google Chrome many times. When you put any URL in firefox of any websites to search, it will be requesting through DNS to contact the desired page. At this moment, the connection was started to establish in Mozilla Firefox. A secured connection failed error can happen because the security certificate (SSL) is no more valid, expired, or entirely missing.

This notification pops-up and the browser was trying to notify you that the connection is not secured. You might be suffering from other connection related issues. Sometimes,  it happened due to sensitive URLs entered, and cyber attackers stole your all pieces of information. It occurs because of the lack of protection implemented by the websites for which you are searching.

Various error codes are identified as a secure connection failed error.


If you are still trying to enter a URL to access any website in Mozilla Firefox, it will not let you be opened. All these errors can be rectified by following two methods listed below.

What Are The Methods To Rectify These Secure Connection Error of Mozilla Firefox?

You can optimize and analyze the issue behind these secure connection failed errors occurrence with the help of software. You can explore corrupted files or other content available at your websites that are restricting you to access it. These are automatic computer software that will be identifying the problem source. Below are given both methods to fix the secure connection failed error in Mozilla Firefox.

Method 1

  • Open your ‘Mozilla Firefox’ and type ‘About: Config’ in the new tab
  • Click Enter
  • Find search box and type ‘security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling’ on it
  • If you find that the value field section appears on screen ‘true’, you have to change it to ‘false.’
  • Put a ‘Double-Click’ on it.

After following these steps, one by one, check if you are enabled to access your desired website. If there is still showing the same secure connection failed error, then move to the next strategy to fix this error.

Method 2

  • Open your browser ‘Mozilla Firefox’ and find the ‘Menu’ section by clicking on three lines icon available in the upper right corner of Mozilla Firefox
  • Click on the ‘Tools’ section and then click on ‘Options.’
  • After this, go to the ‘Advanced’ section and choose the ‘Network’ option
  • Click on ‘Settings’ available at the ‘Connection’ section
  • Later on, a ‘Connection Settings’ Window will appear and check for Manual Proxy option is selected here
  • If it is done, then review all data and press the OK button.
  • If not, don’t make any

Check if you can open your required website through its URL at Mozilla firefox, if no, then you have to contact Mozilla Firefox Support Number which is available to serve you 24/7 schedule. As you connect with it, one of its technical executives will explain the steps to fix this error one by one. After following these methods carefully, your connection to Mozilla Firefox will get resolved. It is free of charge service to consult any issue regarding Mozilla Firefox.