How To Fix Roadrunner Email Error 530

How To Fix Roadrunner Email Error 530

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Roadrunner email is considered to be one of the leading email service providers in the world. It has a secure encryption technology which makes it famous around the globe. This email service has an advanced security technology which helps you to protect your data. But it also has some problems like other services, and one of these problems is Roadrunner email error 530, which is often faced by the users. You can resolve this problem on your own by following the steps mentioned below and also refer to the reasons provided. You can also get in touch with Roadrunner customer care number where the team of experts is available to fix your problem as soon as you report them.

Main causes of Roadrunner email error 530 are:

The Roadrunner email error 530 does not allow the users to send and receive any message, but this error is very common. Before moving further to the troubleshooting steps to fix this error, you should see why this error is caused:

Some possible causes of this error are:

  • You might not be using a strong Internet connection while accessing the Roadrunner email
  • You might have entered wrong login credentials
  • It may happen that the device which you are using is not allowing the Roadrunner services to work on the same.
  • SMPT might not be working properly with your email server.

These are some of the possible causes of error 530. Now you can move further to know the methods to fix it.

Methods to fix Roadrunner email error 530 are:

  • Method 1: You will have to check whether your Internet connection is working properly or not. If it does not have any problem, you should move further to the next step
  • Method 2: You should check if there are any updates available. If yes, then update your operating system and applications.
  • Method 3: You need to open a web browser and type in the URL section
  • Method 4: Once you see the login page, you will have to provide your login credentials, i.e., your username and password
  • Method 5: You will see a Tool icon at the top menu bar in your Roadrunner account, you will be required to click that.
  • Method 6: Here, you will be required to go to the settings and select outgoing mail server settings
  • Method 7: You need to enter the following data in the SMTP settings
    • Server Error: 501
    • Server Response: 501 5.5.2 RCPT TO syntax error
    • Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC79
    • Server: ‘’
    • Protocol: SMTP
    • Port: 25
    • Secure(SSL): No
  • Save all the settings by clicking on the ‘Save’ button.

If you still encounter any difficulty even after following the methods provided above, you can Roadrunner tech support number and avail assistance from the professionals to get an immediate solution to your problem no matter whenever you face it.