How to Fix Mozilla Firefox Update Failed Error

How to Fix Mozilla Firefox Update Failed Error

Mozilla Firefox includes a software update feature that will send the information for updates when required and prompts you on-screen to install them. You have seen several moments that an Updater will get failed and it will be showing an Update Failed Error message on the screen. You will be learning here about the solutions to eradicate such Update Failed Error. If this error is not removed, then you have to call Mozilla Customer Service.

What are the Steps Used In Removing or Fixing Mozilla Firefox Update Failed Error?

You have to follow the instructions listed here one by one to fix Mozilla Firefox Error.

  1. Manual Update – The first solution to fix this error is to download Firefox manually and update it against the current version that you are using.
  1. Check the Updates after Finishing It Manually – It should be kept in your mind that the running program or previous version of Mozilla Firefox has interfered with the new version updating procedure.

It is because of not appropriately closed while updating the New Version of Mozilla firefox. You will also face a problem if you share your computer with other users and if he is logged in with Firefox running, then it will impact the process of Updating the new feature of Mozilla Firefox.

The ultimate solution to resolve such issues is to restart the computer. When it starts again, follow these updates to check for updates

Start “Firefox”

Tap on “Menu Button” and click “Help.”

Click on “About Firefox”, and it will start checking-up updates

  1. Shut-Down Other Running Programs

Few programs will start automatically with the start of the computer. Before updating Mozilla Firefox, you have to close such programs as Spybot, TeaTimer, QuickCam Software before these will interfere with the updating procedure of the New Version of Firefox.

  1. Run As Administrator

These are instructions given for users who are using Windows 7 or Vista

Restart the computer so that no programs can interfere during firefox updates

Open Windows “Start-Up Menu”, search Mozilla Firefox and right-click on it and select “Run As Administrator” and when user control dialogue appears, then select “Continue” to start Firefox again.

If this error is not removed and then Restart the computer again but this time opens the program folder where Firefox is installed and put a Right-click on the “Firefox” or “firefox.exe” icon and choose “Run As Administrator.”

After following all these instructions, if the error is not resolved, then contact Mozilla Support Number.

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