How to Fix Firefox Keeps Crashing Constantly On Start-Up

How to Fix Firefox Keeps Crashing Constantly On Start-Up

If you are a Firefox user and you have noticed an issue that Firefox keeps on flashing when opening a Firefox, it opens for a second and closes immediately. For a moment, it opens for a second and crashes finally. It has been showing on your computer screen that Mozilla Firefox had a problem and hit finally. Again when you Restart and it re-crashed on startup. Such an issue in Firefox can because of mismatched cache, invalid installation, cracked add-ons, and outdated software, etc.

What are The Methods to Fix Firefox Crash?

Six measures will fix the issue of Firefox Keeps Crashing On Start-Up.

  1. Check Your Firefox Version for Up-to-Date

There is software that has bugs responsible for such continuous crashes on Mozilla Firefox. You have to download new Firefox to remove this bug if it is not updated with the latest version. In Firefox, click on three lines Menu. Check About Firefox if it is an updated one. If yes, you can see a message and if not, you can look to update the browser with the latest version.

  1. Open Firefox In A Protective Mode

See if Firefox can be started in Firefox Start Mode that temporarily disable hardware acceleration settings and switch-off installed extensions that keep on opening Firefox.

  1. Restart With Disabled Add-Ons

See if Firefox crashes continuously, then the reason behind will make broken add-ons or extensions. You can open Firefox in a Safe Mode by turning out Add-Ons. You can move to Firefox Menu, then search for Help>Restart With Turning-Out Add-Ons, and then click, Restart.

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall Firefox

Sometimes, Firefox crashes in a protective mode, performing a fresh installation of Firefox in your Windows 10.

  • Move to Control Panel>Uninstall A Program to remove Firefox from your PC.
  • In File Explorer, select and delete Mozilla Firefox Program files available in the installation folder.
  • Move to the official website of Mozilla and download.exe file.
  • Put a double-click on the file and keep on following on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Now, you can check if it is opening or not.
  1. Delete Firefox Cache

The cache available in your websites helps minimize the loading time. During cache computing, the cache is mismatched or missed and gives rise to various issues in software. If the Firefox program files are corrupted, then Firefox keeps on crashing on startup.

To troubleshoot the error, delete the cache.

  • Go to Menu and click and select Library>History>Clear Recent History
  • Keep the range to ‘Everything’ and select all checkboxes. Then, you should put a click on ‘Clear Now.’

Go for some other methods to clear cache in File Explorer.

  • Type WIN+R and go to C:\Users\User_Name\Appdata\Local and then put a click on OK. User_Name should be changed with your name.
  • Search Mozilla folder and then Firefox and next Files
  • Open the Mozilla folder ending with .default-release and delete these four folders like cache2, jumpListCache, OfflineCache, startup cache.
  1. Keep on checking Faulty Software and Scan Viruses

  • Check for Release Notes to confirm whether there is any issue related Firefox version.
  • Install an Antivirus tool or update it and check for viruses and malware with the full scanning system.
  • Update Windows and Drivers
  • Refresh Firefox
  • Check Troubleshooting Information

After following the above methods, if there is still an error, call Mozilla Firefox Support Number to soon fix this error.