How Do I Force Firefox to Open Links In A New Tab
firefox to open links in a new tab

How Do I Force Firefox to Open Links In A New Tab

Are you aware of the idea to open default links in a new window through Mozilla Firefox? If you have any shortcut method to open links in a new tab, it indicates that you are not far away from the solution. Many users question themselves, “How Do I Force Firefox to Open Links In A New Tab” but can’t find a suitable answer.

The steps informed in this blog will make you aware of opening links in a new tab through the Firefox browser. Mozilla Firefox is one of the advanced and convenient browsers for many users worldwide. Mozilla Firefox is an efficient browser to browse the internet quicker, secured, and more comfortable than other browsers. Mozilla Firefox does not charge any cost for browsing several websites, links, etc. It has many advanced features with various default options like other browsers, but some of these defaults can be changed by you.

If you face any hassle in opening links in another tab through Mozilla Firefox, you must call Mozilla customer care to get the right tips to access links in a new window.

What Are The Methods To Access Links In A New Tab Through Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Utilize Your Keyboard to Open Links in Other Tab

  • Move to the ‘link’ you want to open in a new tab through ‘Mozilla Firefox’ and slide the ‘cursor’ over it.
  • Hold the ‘Ctrl key’ on your keyboard and press ‘left-click’ on the link. Get the ‘Ctrl key’ on the ‘left’ downside of your keyboard.
  1. Reset Configuration Settings

  • Open a new window in your ‘Mozilla Firefox’ and enter ‘about config’ in the address bar; press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Press on the option ‘Accept the Risk and Continue’
  • Go to ‘Search preference name bar’ and find out the option ‘search.openintab’. Mark it ‘True’ from ‘False’. Press at the toggle present on the right side of your screen.
  • Again, go to ‘search preference name bar’ and then find out the options ‘browser.urlbar.openintab’, ‘browser.newtabpage.enabled’ and next ‘browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs’. Mark it ‘True’ from ‘False’.
  • Navigate to ‘’ and then verify it to have the value 3.
  • Also, locate ‘’ to gain the value 0. Do a ‘double-click’ on it to change the value and press on the ‘check-marked sign’ given on the right.
  • Reboot ‘Firefox’ to save the changes.

There are no options in Mozilla Firefox to open links permanently in a new window other than changing advanced configuration settings. So, follow the above methods to open links in a new tab through Mozilla Firefox. If you can’t understand these steps, take a shortcut and call Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Number, and a technical representative will instruct you about the opening of links in a new window.

The technical team is experienced, professional, well-trained to handle your queries 24/7 hours a week and 365 days a year. Discuss without hesitation your issues related to Firefox with a technical executive who has greeted you on call. You should acknowledge your problems because wrong information can mislead the specialized person, and you can’t resolve any issue.