Fix Firefox takes a long time to Startup
firefox takes a long time to startup

Fix Firefox takes a long time to Startup

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most famous web browsers among users. It is providing uninterrupted service for an extended period. It is disheartening to see that Firefox is taking a long time to start up. Encountering buffering while starting a web browser can spoil the whole mood of surfing. This blog reads the methods to “Fix Firefox takes a long time to start upissue. We have included the reasons and solutions to this problem to make this helpful for users. 

Cause of error

It is a principal reason that web browsers take a long time to start due to the accumulation of junk files in your cache. The old cookies and unwanted browser history affect the speed of Mozilla Firefox. Due to this undesirable material, Firefox takes substantial time to retrieve information.

The startup time also depends on a load of homepage and tab preferences, As heavy tabs sometimes take time to load and show results.

Quick Tweaks users can follow to erase this error during their surfing.

  • Substitute a new home page

Sometimes, the problem is with the website, which results in the home page’s extended loading time. So, in this case, the user can try changing the Firefox Home page and switch it to the default home page or blank page.

  • Check your antivirus software

Typically firefox antivirus software reads hundreds of files at a time. Some antivirus performs a rigorous scan and blocks that particular webpage until the virus scan is completed. This problem prevails due to inappropriate installation, updating, and reconfiguring of your antivirus software. Then we must advise the user to contact the antivirus software provider for better assistance.

  • Optimize Windows

To speed up Windows, it is essential to update the Mozilla Firefox with new fixes and scans. This will surely give a significant boost to Firefox.

  • Problem Solving extensions or themes

It is a standard procedure that firefox loads extensions when it gets started, and many extensions add startups task, which results in reduced speed of Firefox. Users can refer to specific guidelines to troubleshoot the problem of the firefox browser with extensions or themes.

  • Clear Cache and search history

It is vital to perform this step as the storage of files that are not in use occupies the memory and reduces the browser’s speed. One must be clever with the cache and old cookies management and enjoy the increased speed and smooth flow of the Firefox web browser.

After you finish making the necessary changes to the Firefox settings, if you find that the error still appears when you reopen Firefox for browsing, one must contact the Mozilla Firefox customer service number and ask for help.